Law of Agency 2024

You want an experienced agent who can negotiate for you and write a competitive offer in a competitive market. In the past few years, I have won over 30 times for my buyers during multiple-offer situations.

During your search, I will assist and guide you with the following-

  • Research the local housing market and different neighborhoods. Find a property before it's listed.
  • Get pre-approved and fully underwritten to stand out. Listing agents are more likely to go with your offer if it's a well-known lending company, local, and easy to reach.
  • Work with an experienced agent who can help with pricing and negotiating strategies and help put together a competing offer. I have seen MANY mistakes when agents write offers; experience matters.
  • Move quickly; you only have days from when a property is listed and when the seller will review offers to have an inspection and sewer scope done. I have inspectors ready to go if we need them.
  • Due diligence, review sewer scope, inspection, crime maps, title reports, permits with neighbors, pricing valuation, walk through each property tell you pros/cons
  • Competitive commission credits to my clients
  • Appealing offer: I have won over 30 times in the past few years in multiple offers; I know how to write an appealing offer, pricing (escalator clauses), considerable earnest money, vital closing dates, removing contingencies, how to compete with cash offers, buyer letter to the seller, relationships with listing agent. See if the seller will accept the offer prior to the offer review date.
  • Be prepared to negotiate; once the offer is submitted, be prepared to have the seller come back to negotiate terms.